Tiffany Farmakis-Day


Tif Farmakis-Day has been dabbling in some form of fine art for as long as she can remember. Drawing came naturally to her as a child. Through the careful observation of cartoons and books, she began formulating her own characters and techniques. It was this love of cartooning that brought Tif into the journalism world. After moving to southern California on a whim, she landed a part-time editorial cartoon job for her local college newspaper. As her duties increased at her new job, she switched majors from Fine Arts to Journalism and eventually completed her Associates degree in Journalism at Los Angeles Valley College. After returning to New Hampshire in the Summer of 2005, Tif worked independently writing and illustrating for various online publications and companies. However, she was beginning to feel less enthused about remaining a journalist and decided to finish pursuing her Fine Arts degree. In May 2010, Tif received a BFA in Illustration from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. In addition to teaching various art workshops around southern New Hampshire, she currently works as a freelance Artist, Illustrator and part time employee at Exeter Fine Crafts.


Fine Art, Digital Art and Teaching